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Quand, en tant qu’admin d’un forum manga je découvre PRD et constate amèrement qu’une fois encore, les forums types mangas totalement sont mis au second plan.


(Proposé par clemycooll2)

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Quand je découvre qu’on a plagié un ancien perso à moi, et qu’en plus, la personne fautive a eu l’audace de ne rien changer à la fiche, de reprendre le nom et l’avatar avec. 

Ce que j’ai envie de faire à cette personne.

Et quand je comprends enfin la sensation de se faire plagier.

(Proposé par dangerous-hen - y’a vraiment des gens qui ont du culot :o)

Il m’est arrivé exactement la même chose. *compatis*

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For Chin (◡‿◡✿)

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Hannibal vs Mads | Made for the lovely penelope-all-that-mads

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I wrote a manga about about a little girl asprising to become a gang leader! It’s a supernatual-shonen style fantasy featuring all kinda of fun goodies! ‘The Kickstarter is up and running and I would be great if anyone could reblog and spread the word! You can also read the first two chapters of the story here:

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  • Requested anonymously.
  • Tried to stick with his blonde hair for consistency, hope that’s alright.
  • Small collection covering the range of Evan’s emotions.
  • Gif count: [56]
  • I don’t claim credit for any of these.
  • Please like if using/saving.

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i used to hear my thoughts inside my skull with the same tone, in a voice that sounds like you. i can’t get you out of my head.

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Hannibal meme | Will empathy moments [1/1]:

This is my design

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Reblog if you’re team Pavlov! :)

Another side team - as you wished for ;). As you know, side teams are just for fun, the real thing is are you on:

All teams are here.

Pavlov ♥